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Is dinosaur of idiotic?
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Scholastic maneuver calculates dinosaur " the head measures trade " the intellectual level that method will come to to measure dinosaur. Cerebral volume business is quantity of the weight with dinosaurian basis, head, make with what give birth to reptile now quite, those who press certain and formulary numerate. The business of dinosaurian head volume that is measured is smaller, it jumps over clumsy; Cerebral volume business is bigger, it is cleverer. Establish feeding habits is dinosaurian Phyletic The head measures trade Expression Xi foot kind dinosaurian action of 0.2 ~ 0.35 is sluggish, ham-handed Jialong and 0.56 of stegosaurus 0.52 ~ enemy feel invade our territory, can strike back with end hammer and end thorn 0.7 ~ 0.9 has horny dragon relatively calculation, face a strong opponent, dare give tit for tat, risk one's life dragon of mouth of one wrestle duck the establish feeding habits with 0.85 ~ the cleverest 1.50 is dinosaurian, olfactory spirit, vision is powerful, very alert, discovery enemy is killed can rapid avoidCarnivorous sex is dinosaurian 1 ~ 2 compares large carnivorous dragon inherently animal of establish feeding habits is clever, catch hunt to make a living the dragon fearing claw in dinosaur of small-sized carnivorous sex > 5 is more address than tack of dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, prey the descendant that feral all the more amazingly quick fears ungual dragon is narrow ungual dragon is dinosaurian and familial in the intelligence of intellective and preeminent part dinosaur each are not identical, but pass well in Mesozoic Era day.